DVD Information
DVD Case artwork My Father, The Genius DVD Special Features include:
  • Filmmaker and Father Interview
  • 1970's Mini Move: Super-8 Biomorphic Biosphere film with commentary by architect Small
  • Architects on Glen Small: Includes interview 2005 Pritzker Prize winner Thom Mayne
  • Small Photo Gallery: Narrated slideshow of Small's architectural work with commentary
  • Sundance Channel's Aftereffect
  • Genius II Teaser
DVD Credits
DVD Special Feature Genius II Teaser Download 31.4MB
Lucia Small

Janelle McCuen

Tracy Heather Strain

Director of Photography
Allie Humenuk

Assistant Editor
Caitlin Satchell

Andrew Willis

Additional Camera
P.H. O'Brian

Additional Composer
John Calloway

PR Guru
Linda Morgenstern

Website Services
Matt Moore

DVD Design and Technology
DVD Labs

Please note: that the Closed Captioning of this DVD applies to the film only.

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