Principal Crew
headshot of Lucia Small Producer/Director
Lucia Small has been an independent filmmaker for over 15 years. Her experience includes work as a producer, assistant director, camera operator, and editor. My Father, The Genius is her directorial debut feature, which garnered several top film festival awards, including Grand Jury Prizes for Best Documentary and Best Editing at the 2002 Slamdance Film Festival. In 2003, My Father, The Genius was broadcast and featured as part of Sundance Channel's newly launched DOCday series. It is distributed through New Yorker Films and, and also available through this web site. It is internationally distributed by CS Associates.

In Summer of 2005, Small teamed up with seminal documentary filmmaker Ed Pincus (Director of Diaries, Panola, Black Natchez, Life and Other Anxieties and others, author of "Guide to Filmmaking" and "Filmmaker's Handbook") to form Pincus & Small Films. They are currently in post-production on their first collaboration The Axe in the Attic, a story of Katrina evacuees. Pincus & Small Films in association with small angst films is developing several projects, including Genius II and War Stories I and II, which received a pre-production grant from the LEF Foundation.

Over the years, Lucia Small has accumulated a diverse list of credits ranging from co-producer of several nationally-televised programs to award-winning documentarian. Producing credits include The Mississippi: River of Song, a 4-part PBS series; Laurel Chiten's The Jew in the Lotus, (PBS); and Beth Harrington's The Blinking Madonna and Other Miracles, (PBS), Maureen Foley's American Wake, Hazlewood Films, and Bruce Twickler's Damrell's Fire, Docema LLC. Small has worked as a freelancer for Scoutvision, Discovery Channel, USA Cable, C-SPAN, Media One, John Hancock, and on numerous feature films and narrative shorts, including MGM's What's The Worst That Could Happen? and the PBS drama The Blue Diner.

EDITOR, Karen Schmeer graduated from Boston University with a degree in Anthropology. She began her editing career as the co-editor of Errol Morris' Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, and then edited his documentary feature Mr. Death, released by Lions Gate, December 1999. Also in 1999, Schmeer edited Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson'sWell Founded Fear which screened at Sundance and Doc Fest 1999 and aired on POV in 2000. She has edited and consulted on several other documentaries, including Martha Swetzoff's Theme: Murder, Nina Davenport's Always a Bridesmaid, and Robb Moss' Latter Day Dogs. Schmeer edited several episodes of Errol Morris' Bravo series First Person for the 2000 season. Currently, Schmeer is working on a PBS's American Experience segment on John Nash, the Nobel Prize winning mathematician upon whose life the Broadway play Proof was based.
CO-PRODUCER, Linda Morgenstern Independent feature credits include 51 Birch Street directed by Doug Block. Bright Leaves directed by Ross McElwee; The Same River Twice directed by Robb Moss; My Father, The Genius directed by Lucia Small, and Shadow of the House, Photographer Abelardo Morell directed by Allie Humenuk. She is a former Vice President of television production at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in New York.
PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY, Laurel Greenberg, for the past 15 years, has been a professional cameraperson. She began making films at 16, and launched her professional career at Fox Television in New York City. Greenberg turned freelance when she moved to Boston in 1990, and has worked for both corporate and independent clients, including: John Hancock, Lotus, Bell Atlantic, Deaconess Hospital, Survivors of the Shoah, and Fanlight Productions. Her numerous personal projects include: an award-winning music video Something Missing, a PBS short No Vote, No Voice, and her recent award-winning film: 94 Years and 1 Nursing Home Later. Greenberg's current documentary is about Election 2000.
COMPOSER, Kaoru Ishibashi is a versatile violinist and composer whose sound has been heard throughout the United States. His versatility has allowed him to perform with such greats as Stephane Grappelli, Christian McBride, and Gary Cherone, and he has held teaching positions in the jazz departments of both New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. Throughout the year 2000, Kaoru toured the United States as the featured violinist with Barnum's Kaleidoscape, an 1800 seat theatre circus which received rave reviews and sold out shows in Chicago and New York City. A graduate of the film scoring department from the Berklee College of Music, his quadraphonic, electronic, and full orchestral compositions have been featured at the Human Connection Concert Series and at the Henry Mancini Institute in LA.
ANIMATOR, Anne Loyer comes from a background in painting and has had her animated works featured in festivals both in this country and abroad. Her animation Corpus II was shown at Independent Exposure in Seattle, WA and at the Mikrino festival in Serbia; Jonah was shown at the Harvard Film Archive and Pilgrim was shown at the Landsdown Street Theatre. Her video installation, Corpus, was shown at the Boston Cyberarts Festival.
ASSOCIATE EDITOR, Sasha Patsenka is a graduate of Emerson College in film production. (1994) She got started in editing and animation at the design firms Big Blue Dot & Hatmaker. She has edited on the Avid for corporate clients at Cosmic Blender. She currently works for IHRDC where she was a Telly Award Finalist (2001). Her other projects include: directing a music video; P.A. on the indie feature "Never Met Picasso"; and shooting for various documentaries. She is involved with Women In Film & Video/NE and is editing a piece for funny girl Georgia Ragsdale which has been in multiple film festivals this year.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, Craig Bouchard is a recent cum laude graduate of Middlebury College. Before starting work with My Father, The Genius, he was production coordinator for The Share Group, Inc., a business that performs fundraising for non-profit organizations, and he worked at Touchstone Pictures. Bouchard's diverse talents include performing in theater and on film, and writing two screenplays, The Gray People and Finding a Pulse.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, Alissa Al Harris graduated from Sweet Briar College with a degree in Media Studies. After working for a commercial production company in Washington , DC she moved to Boston where she began work on My Father, The Genius. Harris went on to work in production on various fiction films, including Freebox and American Wake. Harris is currently working in Los Angeles for 20 th Century Fox in network television post production, supervising post-production traffic for over 30 programs, incluing 24, The Simpsons and Arrested Development. She is also working with writer/director Jeff Stern for the feature film The Romantic Possibilities to be shot in Boston during the summer of 2006. Harris a board member for the non-profit organization Central Productions.
PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, Rachel Eisengart graduated from Smith College with a degree in French and Film, Rachel chose to explore the world, living and working in Japan and France. Her love of film and video drew her back to the Boston area, where she currently coordinates and leads after school programs focusing on media literacy and video production.
SENIOR CONSULTANT AND EDITOR, William A. Anderson has worked in documentary and dramatic film production for more than twenty years. Best known as an editor, he has produced and directed a number of independent and broadcast documentaries. His dramatic credits include many independent and studio features, network and PBS miniseries, movies of the week, and episodics. He has worked on theatrical features and short subjects, broadcast specials and series. In 1997 he received the American Cinema Editor's award for best documentary editing of Al Pacino's Looking For Richard. Other recent credits include A Midwifeıs Tale for the PBS series American Experience, Colorado River Adventure for Turner Broadcasting, and Errol Morrisı A Brief History of Time. Several of Anderson's films were nominated for Academy Awards (Best Documentary Feature), Emmys (Best Editing, Documentary Feature and Best Editing, Dramatic Miniseries), Cable Ace and other academy and festival awards.
ANIMATION CONSULTANT, Ellie Lee won the MTV Free Your Mind Animated Storyboard Competition in 1993 to write and direct a public service announcement about gender discrimination for international broadcast. Her award-winning short animated film, Repetition Compulsion, (which received funding from Women in Film) was shown on P.O.V., public televisionıs annual award-winning showcase for independent non-fiction film, in a program entitled SHE SHORTS. From 1993 to 1996, she taught film production and animation at Harvard University. She recently completed a narrative short film Dog Days, which has already received several awards, including Best Short at the Hamptons Film Festival.
Production Credits
Laurel Greenberg
Lucia Small
Robb Todd
Richard Bock
Cheryl Levine
Uta Briesewitz
Leah Mahan
Daniel Shea
Bock Sound
Kaoru Ishibashi
Dave Westner at Woolly Mammoth Sound, Boston, MA
John Weston at Futura Productions, Boston, MA
Michael H. Amundson
William Anderson
Sasha Patsenka
The OutPost
Paintbox Commandos
Straight Up Music
Brodsky and Treadway
Super 8 Sound
Marianne Teleki
Sherryn Smith
Anne McNeill
Tanya Mysko
Barry Pike
Jiho Sohn
Sandra Forman
Modern Mac Repair
Matt McMakin
Benjamin Dewey
Claire Harding
Jeanne Jordan
John Kusiak
Ellie Lee
Ross McElwee
Cathleen O'Connell
Kenneth Shaw
Ean White
The Center for Independent Documentary is helping My Father, The Genius become a reality. As a project of The Center for Independent Documentary, My Father, The Genius receives financial accounting support, funding guidance, and publicity network assistance, along with non-profit 501 (c) 3 status. Susan Walsh, Executive Director of CID, helps oversee all major financial aspects of My Father, The Genius.
During summer and fall of 2000, we had an amazing crew of production assistants and interns, Our fantastic crew worked VERY hard on the rough cut alongside Karen and the rest of us. Many thanks to the entire My Father, The Genius crew!
2001 Summer

was back for the summer after working on the film this past winter as well. This fall she will return to Wesleyan University for her junior year, and will continue working on her double major in film studies and English.
2001 Spring

is a senior at Emerson College. she recently completed principal photography for her 16mm short, Mourn, and is looking forward to learning about fundraising and editing from Lucia.

JARED PRUETT is also a recent graduate of Emerson and has been important in researching and compiling images for our animation sequences.
2000 Fall

returned to Boston after having a blast during a summer editing program in Los Angeles. He has made large contributions to the rough cut, and brings a great knowledge of film and music into the mix.

ROSANNA TULLIO is a recent graduate of Emerson who came to Boston from Venezuela. She has been vitally important in organizing all our photos and slides, along with great work in the rough cut.
2000 Summer

was extremely important in organizing our logs this summer. She's back in school in Rochester, NY, trying to produce a documentary about that city's Cambodian population.

AMI BOGHANI was here briefly this summer before she went on a trip to India, but her enthusiasm and work was fantastic! She's back at Wesleyan this fall, working hard in their film department.

CHELSEA SPEAR is now studying film at Suffolk University here in Boston. Her passion for film was contagious, and her knowledge of independent film was astounding.

MARISA VITALE is a graduate of the University of California, at Santa Cruz with studies focusing on issues of globalization and media activism. She's back on the West Coast now, working hard on her own documentary project about a female wrestler.

Major funding for this film was provided by generous donations from

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Hershey Family Foundation

LEF Foundation

Saunders Family Foundation

William A. Anderson Productions

Joanne Small-Eggert

Marvin and Dorothy Greenberg

Marie Jackson and Gerald Reilly

Carolyn Paris and David Tirshwell

Robert Pemberton