Story Photo of Glen and Lucia
Glen + Lucia, Seal Rock, Oregon 1998

When long-estranged father, dreamer and visionary architect, Glen Small bequeaths his daughter the task of writing his biography, she answers instead with an irreverent film about his precarious career and rocky private life - while he is still alive.

Her father has always called himself a genius; Lucia Small is torn. On the one hand she fancies the idea that her dad might be amongst the undiscovered greats, but she also wonders if maybe he isn’t suffering from a giant ego.

My Father, The Genius explores the precarious framework on which a career and family are built. How does a man dedicate his entire life to "saving the world through architecture," yet miss some basics at home? How does one balance creative obsession with familial obligations? And how does a filmmaker daughter balance her father’s wishes with her own artistic vision?

Interviews with the brash, sometimes outrageous Glen Howard Small are juxtaposed with comments from his peers and former students, his clients, daughters, ex-wives and girlfriends. Archival footage, animation, and startling models and drawings of Small's work combine to form a vivid, compelling portrait of an unfulfilled and uncompromising talent, and a daughter seeking to come to terms with the man.

At 31, Glen Small was a rising star. At 61, he barely escapes financial ruin. The current drama is revealed: what happens toward the end of a dreamer's life when his dreams are still unfulfilled? Where and when will his statement of architectural genius finally be made - now or never? And how does a daughters’ journey offer her not only new appreciation and compassion for her father’s life’s work, but a much deeper understanding of her own plight?