Community Groups, High Schools, and Libraries Purchase
PRICE: $95
Glen Howard Small is available for lectures and talks.

Licensing: The Community Group, High School and Library Use DVDs are leased for the life of the poduct for non-commerical educational in-house use only for the above named groups. It is a limited license that prohibits any broadcasts, duplication, public screenings, conference screenings, admission charges, rental fees, and circulation to non-registered students and/or non-organizational personnel (except for public libraries where circulation is allowed for private individuals for personal home viewing only). Please note: that the Closed Captioning of this DVD applies to the film only. Please inquire about other licenses and public performance rights to and we will try to accommodate your specific needs.

Shipping and Handling: The cost of shipping and handling is included in the price of the DVD. It will arrive via the United States Postal Service in approx. 3-5 days. Please notify us at if shipment requires expedited service. The purchaser will assume the additional cost.

Return Policy: There are no returns. If upon receiving the product it is defective, please notify us at and a new DVD will be issued free of charge. The defective DVD must be returned to Small Angst Films immediately.

Purchase of this DVD constitutes an agreement to these terms.