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"My Father, The Genius" comes up with no definite answers, just richly lifelike ambiguities: that Glen Small has an admirable professional integrity, that he's not the most well-adjusted person, that he's a dreamer scarred by reality.” — Paul Sherman, Boston Herald [ Full Review ]

"...blithe, brilliant, and intimate...a real-life "The Royal Tenenbaums" in which dad comes off as insufferable but nonetheless charming and sympathetic, an uncompromising idealist whose failure to "play the game" exiled him to the margins...Small's father, Glen, a visionary architect, could make a strong case for the distinction of this title..."
— Peter Keough, The Boston Phoenix

“Hilarious and heart-wrenching…"My Father, The Genius" has the raw emotional power missing from "A Beautiful Mind".— Scott Foundas, Variety [ Full Review ]

"To Lucia Small's credit, the film is neither a fluff piece for the architect or a bitter account of a wayward father. Instead, she has used animation, archival footage, and extensive interviews with family, friends, clients and former students to craft a humorously disconcerting film that could be about anyone's father..." — Dianne Bates, Los Angeles Times

“Architect Glen Howard Small wanted his daughter, Lucia, to write his biography. Instead, she made a documentary about him. The result is “My Father, The Genius,” an utterly engrossing portrait of a world-class eccentric and his family’s struggle to understand the man.” — Tim Merrill, (Rated 4 1/2 stars)

“My Father, The Genius," is a haunted, slightly accusatory film by Lucia Small in which she exposes her father's claims of architectural brilliance to fresh air and finds that they deteriorate. The theme underlying "Genius," is the damage that can be caused to a family by a parent's obsession.” — Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times [ Full Review ]

"Her father may or may not be a genius...but she is! I LOVE this
film. It's a terrific piece of work...provocative, compelling and very entertaining."
— Bruce Gellerman, Host "Here&Now" WBUR-FM, Boston

"...A deeply probing account of scarred emotional wounds in which the filmmaker investigates her architect father, a genius according to himself and very few others. But Small makes a strong case for her father's talent, while at the same time unearthing his utter failings as a supportive parent and husband." — Scott Foundas, indieWIRE

"My Father, The Genius” is a gutsy documentary - an intensely personal and risk-taking film."
— Alan Deutschman, [ Full Review ]

"My Father, The Genius" moves elegantly and eloquently from what might have been to what is with clear-eyed humor, subtlety and forgiveness."
— Jeanne Jordan, Director (Troublesome Creek, Academy Award Nominee)

"In drawing parallels between Glen Howard Small's heartbreaking failures and shortcomings as an architect and as a father, filmmaker Lucia Small skillfully crafts a work that is both intimate and sweeping, a film which gives us all hope that we might have the strength to mend our own mistakes of the past. "My Father, The Genius" is at once bitingly funny, sharply observed, and most of all wondrously moving."
— Ellie Lee, Director (Repetition Compulsion, National Emmy Nominee)

"This film is made with grace, restraint, and lots of heart. Glen Small is a truly original character. I could have watched him for days. It's clear that the genius was passed down from father to the filmmaker."
— Josh Seftel, Director (Taking on the Kennedy's)

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